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A The city of Quito is located at 2.800 meters above sea level in Andean mountain region. Declared cultural heritage of humanity in 1978 by UNESCO mainly due to its historic center considered the best preserved in Latin America.

Colonial-style churches such as San Francisco, la Compañía or Santo Domingo are proof of the influence of Spanish Catholicism in the city. However, Quito is not only history and architectural wealth, its gastronomic wealth is one of its strengths; among the main typical dishes we have the following: pork hornado, mashed potatoes and rosero, a traditional dessert since colonial times.

Because it has many mountains around, the city has incredible tourist places, for example the cable car that takes you to a mountain called Rucu Pichincha, in this place you can take incredible pictures of Quito and if you like adventure you can climb to the summit of this volcano inactive. Thirty minutes from the city is the Middle of the World Monument, a place that is very interesting by its experiments related to gravity and the difference between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

Foreign tourists who come to Quito are pleasantly surprised to find a clean, orderly city with a very efficient public transport service. Here are 3 important reasons to study Spanish in Quito.

  • The Spanish spoken in Quito is slow, with almost no accent, with a clear grammatical structure that is easy to understand. 
  • If you want to discover a lot about South America in a short time, Ecuador is your ideal destination. You can take Spanish classes in Quito and on weekends travel to the beach or the Amazon jungle without spending a lot of money and discovering different climates.
  • In general, people in Quito are kind and friendly with foreign people, they love to learn about the cultures of other countries in order to make you feel at home.
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