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Enjoy a volunteer or internship position in Ecuador


Change the world by volunteering

At Ecuaidioma we offer you the opportunity to volunteer and enjoy a different experience; our students work together with different communities and to practice and improve their Spanish skills at the same time.


The volunteers have the option to work in Quito in a kindergarden, with street children or disabled children. If the volunteers prefer they also can work in a national park, an organic farm, rescue stations for animals, or work in natural protection organizations in different areas of the country.

Complete an international internship

An international internship is a unique experience to put your knowledge into practice in other countries. Imagine having the possibility of working and at the same time getting to know another culture.


Ecuaidioma can make your dream of working in a South American country  and learning Spanish.


Advantages of  Volunteering or Interning

Get an International experience


Professional and mental growth

flexible schedules

New friends and enjoy a different culture

Our programs



We offer you the opportunity to do an internship in hospitals and clinics located in Quito or Tena.

Social Work


Do an internship in Quito in different social organizations that work with street children or vulnerable women.


Internship Marketing

We offer you the opportunity to practice your knowledge with marketing and communication agencies located in Quito. 



You will have the opportunity to do an internship at a travel agency located in Quito.

Volunteer with street children


Through volunteering, you have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a more just world.

Most of the time our volunteers help the children with their homework or teach them English. The location of the volunteer is in Quito. Another volunteer option we offer is helping out at an animal rescue shelter.

10% off in our prices

If you decide to volunteer or do an internship, you get a off on all our Spanish programs. (face to face and online).

Important Intormation

Before starting your internship or volunteering you must take at least forty hours of Spanish classes with us.

Go ahead and enjoy an incredible experience by volunteering or doing an internship in Ecuador. If you want more information you can write us directly to our WhatsApp.

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