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At Ecuaidioma Spanish School we are interested in our students learning something new every day. Many times, Spanish grammar is a little bit confusing for foreigners because Spanish has certain words that have a similar English translation but their meanings and uses are totally different.

This time we show you two important verbs when starting a conversation (saber y conocer) that have the same translation into English (To know) but their use is different. We hope the information is useful for you.

The verb saber is used to refer to intellectual abilities, for example:

-Fernando sabe matemáticas.

-Maria sabe mucho acerca del decubrimiento de América.


Another use of the verb saber is to talk about physical or artistic abilities. We show you two examples.

– Nosotros sabemos jugar tenis.

-Mi hermana sabe tocar la guitarra.


Similarly, in the case of the verb conocer we have two uses. The first one is to refer to knowledge of places or things. For example:

-Mi mamá conoce las ruinas de Machu Pichu en Cusco – Perú.

– Charlotte no conoce el museo del pasillo en Quito- Ecuador.


The second use of the verb conocer is to talk about knowing people, for example:

-Julio conoce al fundador de Microsoft Bill Gates.

-Yo no conozco al novio de mi hermana.


If you want more information about grammar or tourist places to visit in Ecuador, we invite you to read the rest of the articles on our blog. Continue learning Spanish every day with Ecuaidioma Spanish School.

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