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Spanish programs Ecuador

Spanish Programs Ecuador

The country of the four worlds

Spanish Programs Ecuador General Data

General Data

Spanish Programs Ecuador: Our country is located in the northwest of South America, has an approximate territorial area of 283,000 km2 and its official currency is the US dollar. The country’s population is approximately 17 million inhabitants.

A very interesting fact is that Ecuador is considered among the 15 megadiverse countries in the world.

Spanish Programs Ecuador - The little South America

Little South America

One of the most incredible characteristics of Ecuador is that you can see many interesting places in a short time. For example, in only one day you can visit the Andean region in Quito and only 5 hours away by car it is also possible to visit the Ecuadorian Amazon.


If what you want is to know a lot about South America in a short time, Ecuador is the perfect place for you. Finally, Ecuador is one of the few places in the world with a clear pronunciation of the Spanish language and a high level of correct grammar.

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Spanish classes in Quito

Spanish programs Ecuador San-Francisco-church

Quito also known as Carita de Dios or Luz de América is the capital of Ecuador and one of the most beautiful cities in South America due to its geographical location (Andean region) and the cultural and gastronomic wealth of this city………..

Spanish classes in Puerto López

Spanish Programs Ecuador - Spanish classes puerto lopez

Study a week of Spanish in one of the most beautiful places in the country. You have the possibility to visit the Mahalilla ecological reserve, a tourist site that has a white sand beach called Los Frailes. You can also visit the Agua Blanca community..

Spanish classes in Tena

Sapnish classes in Tena

Would you like to discover one of the most biodiverse places on the planet?. We offer you the opportunity to sytudy a week of Spanish in the Amazon jungle. If you love walking and visiting beautiful waterfalls, this program is for you…..

Spanish classes in Galapagos Islands

Igunanas-galapagos Islands

Do you want to discover the Islands that inspired Charles Darwin to develop the theory of evolution of species?. We offer you the opportunity to live an incredible week knowing animals such as: turtles, iguanas, and even penguins while you learn….

Spanish Programs Ecuador

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